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Our Trustees

Sakinah Community Trust is a women-led organisation comprising widows, mothers, and daughters of those lost in the tragedy who felt a responsibility to the honour their legacy and to ensure that the goodwill generated after the attacks is enabled to continue in a positive way. As individuals our trustees are intimately aware of the needs and lived reality on the ground. They are committed to serve by supporting the development of long-term community response and engagement towards shifting societal attitudes. You can find out more about our trustees here. 

Dr Hamimah Ahmat


Widow of the shaheed Zekeriya Tuyan.

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Angela Armstrong


Daughter of the shaheed Linda Armstrong.

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Ambreen Naeem


Widow of the shaheed Naeem Rashid and mother of the shaheed Talha Naeem.

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Dr Kiran Munir


Widow of the shaheed Dr Haroon Mahmood.

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Salwa Mohamad


Widow of the shaheed Khaled Mustafa and mother of the shaheed Hamza.

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Farhiye Abdukadir Abdi


Daughter of the shaheed Abdukadir Abdi.

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Roles & Responsibilities


Set strategic vision and direction and formulate policies and goals.



Ensure that the Trust is working in the best interests of the community, especially the stakeholders who are served by the Trust’s mission.


Oversee the Trust’s performance to ensure that it acts ethically, prudently and within the rule of law in achieving the desired outcomes.