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Our Purpose

Legacy Outcome

It is critical for the future health of our community that we strive to preserve the lessons we learnt and move forward resiliently together as a way to honour those we lost on 15 March 2019.

Sakinah Community Trust supports and funds initiatives that are focused on bringing communities together in its healing and building a better future where we can all belong.

Strengthening Community

We are committed to supporting events that help the establishment of a strong community and are focused on bringing the Muslim community and the wider communities together.

This is guided by the example of our Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) model for peaceful coexistence and based on his early life in Madinah. Despite the diversity of the community in Madinah, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) successfully established a strong community on the basis of peace, solidarity, equality, and mutual care without regard to religion, origin, race,  colour, or gender.

Photo Credit Janneth Gil
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Promoting Well-being

We are committed to promoting the well-being of members of the community holistically. We are inspired by how the Te whare tapa whā model developed by Sir Mason Durie in 1984 resonates with Islamic perspectives and principles;

    • Social: Build bridges and partnerships within and between communities (Muslims and wider communities) in order to foster understanding and maintain solidarity;
    • Spiritual: Nurture spirituality as an integral part of personal and communal life;
    • Physical: Look after the physical well-being of the people and grow a proactive and productive community;
    • Psycho-emotional: Ensure the community receives the mental-emotional support it requires.

Building Social Cohesion

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology community resilience is the “ability to prepare for anticipated hazards, adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions.” The United Nations stipulates that a socially cohesive and connected community is built around social inclusion, capital and mobility. We are committed to:

    • Social inclusion: Promote the ability of members of the community to participate equally within the social, economic and political landscape;
    • Social capital: Promote a sense of belonging within the community by connecting people and increasing the trust that exists between members and institutions;
    • Social mobility: Promote equal opportunities to enable members of the community to improve their circumstances and social well-being.
Photo Credit Rami Baha

Relevant Governance

Sakinah Community Trust is well placed to bridge the gap between those most directly impacted by the attacks and those from the wider community that have wanted to offer their energies, donations, and aroha in response. Sakinah Community Trust aims to connect the various separate entities into a whole piece.

We define governance as the norms, values, structures and processes that are designed to mobilize and transform the available physical, human and financial resources to achieve the desired concrete outcomes. We endeavour to set the parameters under which we will ensure transparency, accountability, responsiveness, empowerment, equity, inclusiveness, and broad-based participation in addressing the challenges confronting the Muslim community.

You can find out more about our trustees roles here.