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Sakinah Community Trust provides grants to support community projects / activities that align with our stated purposes. We take a balanced and prudent approach to our grant making to ensure that we can continue to support initiatives in need for the medium to long term. We will continue to publish on our website which grants are open for applications. Please check out our funding calendar for more information.

Who can apply?

Applications are opened to any Christchurch-based group / incorporated society / charitable trust / limited liability company registered for charitable purposes. Unfortunately, we do not offer grants to individuals.

How to apply

Please ensure that you have read our website and stated purposes prior to submitting your application/s. Applicants are encouraged to identify a pillar that your initiative falls under. You may refer to the model here for further understanding. You can complete our online application form when ready.

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Types of grants

The Board of trustee will consider one of the following types of funding that we will offer. We will communicate the requirements with you if your grant application is successful:

Grant matching scheme

Conditional grant that require an applicant to raise a specified portion of the grant; every dollar requested from the Sakinah Community Trust must be matched with a specified percent of the applicant’s own contribution.

Full funding

Sakinah Community Trust will fund the total cost of proposed small projects up to $2000.





Partial funding

Sakinah Community Trust will fund the partial cost of proposed projects.





Funding period

Funds must be spent within three calendar months of receiving your grant. You will be requested to return the grant if your project doesn’t go ahead for any reason.


We value our interactions and learning about your initiatives. Therefore we request you to provide a brief report about your project – how you spent the grant, what worked well and what areas could be improved. You will also be request to submit photos of your events.